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The field of software development is one of the rapidly growing fields globally. According to statistics the number of software developers will increase by 22% within 2030. Bangladesh is not far behind to ride on the trend wave as well. To keep pace with the growing demands of this field ECDL provides software development course in Bangladesh. Within this course we focus on topics like basics of software, syntax, data structures, design, testing, maintenance, database, version control, different programming languages and other relevant topics.

Data Analysis

Data analysts are in demand worldwide. According to a recent statistics, the growth rate in this industry is higher than the average 5% growth in other industries. With growing usage of techs the demand of analysts in Bangladesh is going upwards as well. As one of the top training providers in Bangladesh ECDL also provides trending courses on data analysis as well. Under our data analysis course we cover topics like data cleaning, export, visualization, statistical analysis, machine learning & data communication. If you are planning to grow your career on data analysis we have a rich number of courses just for you.

Graphics Design

Graphic design is one of the most in demand skill of modern time. As everything is going digital now a days the demand for the expertise is at all time high now. The adaptive working structure and high paying jobs made it more lucrative for young professionals now a days. ECDL is the best organization to provide graphic design training in Bangladesh. We cover various applications of graphics design within our course to make the training highly effective. Some of the topics covered within our training are typography, layout, color theory, composition, adobe design tools, live projects.


Microsoft excel one of the mot required competency for professional and individual sector. Nowadays people from almost all the background and role require excel capabilities. Which makes excel not only an additional skill but a must have one. ECDL has numerous courses and trainings starting from the basics to advanced applications of excel. Topics covered within our excel courses are data manipulation, formulas & functions, pivot tables, macros, VBA, data analysis, data visualization & different additions based on specific requirements of the trainees. For the diverse organizational needs we have created different varieties of excel. Currently we have courses that are open so anyone can join as well as customized program meeting specific employer needs.

Power BI

Power BI is a powerful tool that provides interactive visualization from data. In an world of data where every impactful decision has a background of data Power BI plays a big role. In this training we teach how to use the tool to transform your data into powerful and rich visuals. This training covers everything you need to know, from database concepts to data visualization. The topics covered within our training are connecting and transforming raw data, building a relational data model, adding calculations with DAX, designing interactive reports, using Power BI Q&A for natural language exploration, publishing reports to the web and sharing with others, managing workspaces and scheduling data refreshes etc.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is the process of turning raw data into actionable insights. According to the latest estimates, around 328.77 million terabytes of data are generated each day which marks the role of data analysts very demanding in todays world. For all sorts of data analytics skill development ECDL is the best training institute in Bangladesh. Some of the topics covered within our data analytics course are data mining, data management, statistical analysis, visualizaiton, machine learning, big data analytics etc. If you are seeking a career in data analytics or looking to sharpening your skills our trainings are the perfect place to start at.

Power Point

Microsoft powerpoint is one of the most looked at skills of modern time. From making a presentation for your university project to professional presentation for your workplace the skill of powerpoint never misses out. Alongside many other career enhancing training ECDL provides training on microsoft powerpoint. Within our training on powerpoint we focus on the topics of creating slides, designing presentations, delivering presentation, audience centric customization, thought process etc. With our open trainings anyone can join by booking our pre scheduled trainings. For skill enhancement this can be the perfect stepping stone.


Microsoft word is one of the most basic skills required in today’s reality. From students to professionals everyone needs to use Microsoft Word on a day to day basis. Alongside our other skill enhancement programs, ECDL provides with microsoft word training in Dhaka for all the learners. Within this course, we focus on topics like how to create or edit documents, format texts and paragraphs, tables, columns and other formatting features, developing templates, mail merge, macros, document versioning, and proofing tools etc. If you require word training for your individuals trainees or group trainees ECDL can cater according to your need.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Get Answers for Professional Skill Development Training

    What is skill development training?

    Skill development training is a particular type of training that focuses on developing a specific skill of an individual. Through skill development training anyone can acquire or enhance skill on a field he want to grow in. Skill development training plays a vital role personal and professional development.

    What are the benefits of skill development training?

    Apart from personal & professional growth skill development training has numerous benefits. Some of them are:

    • Improve on fulfilling job role
    • Higher salary
    • Increased productivity
    • Improved job satisfaction
    • Pathway to superior future

    What are the different types of skill development training available in Bangladesh?

    Based on the need of industry and global interest there are many skill development training available in Bangladesh. Some of the notable ones are

    • Computer literacy training
    • Lnaguage training
    • Technical training
    • Corporate training
    • Soft skills training

    How do I choose the right skill development training program for me?

    If you are investing your time into developing your skills, you need to lookout for some things for the effective development program. Some of those lookouts are:

    • Considering needs & goals
    • Reputation of the training providers
    • Topics covered & if it meets your expectations
    • Quality of the training

    Where can I find skill development training in Bangladesh?

    Enhancing skills and growing capacity of individuals is one of the focus of Bangladesh government and its vision of smart Bangladesh. Here are some of the ways you can find skill development training in Bangladesh.

    • Government training center
    • Private training institutes
    • Online training platforms
    • Foreign agencies & NGOs etc.

    What are the eligibility requirements for skill development training in Bangladesh?

    Eligibility requirements are different from training to training. But in most of the cases there is minimal level of prior education required for any skill developing training. For specialization training prior training & certification is necessary.

    How do I apply for skill development training in Bangladesh?

    To apply for skill development training in Bangladesh you need to contract the training provider & see if there is any ongoing training. Then you can enroll directly or look for other available trainings around. Then you can apply with your personal information and background for skill development training in Bangladesh.

    What are the career prospects after completing skill development training in Bangladesh?

    There is a high demand of skilled workforce in Bangladesh and also in foreign markets. If you are a fresher skills will differentiate you from the rest and if you are a professional skill development training will enhance your job capabilities and put you in a place to demand higher salaries.

    How can I get financial assistance for skill development training in Bangladesh?

    There are a few ways of getting financial assistance for skill development training in Bangladesh. Some of those are:

    • Government scholarships
    • Loans & grants
    • Financial assistance from your employer etc.

    What are the challenges of skill development training in Bangladesh?

    There is a number of challenges in developing skills in Bangladesh. Some of them are

    • Lack of awareness about skill development training
    • Lack of qualified training providers
    • High cost of training
    • Lack of job opportunities after completing training