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Marketing And Sales Training Courses

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an important topic to enhance the knowledge on online marketing education and 360° marketing. Our comprehensive Digital Marketing Training provides participants with essential knowledge and practical skills for excelling in the dynamic field of digital marketing. This course covers SEO, social media marketing, PPC advertising, email marketing, content marketing, web analytics and many more depending on the market trend and demand.

Sales Management

Sales management training is an important training for the professionals looking for a sustainable career. As one of the best sales training providers in Bangladesh, we have arranged our corporate sales training programs with practical techniques and real-world scenarios to help participants to apply their learning to their specific sales management roles where they learn how to develop sales strategies, set realistic sales targets, recruit and train sales personnel, analyze sales data, provide effective coaching and feedback, and build long-term customer relationships.

Real Estate Sales

Skill is a big part of achieving targets behind real estate sales. With our best corporate sales training programs we cover complex topics to capacitate the trainees to be ready for any sales challenge. Throughout the real estate sales excellence training participants learn effective sales techniques, develop a deep understanding of the real estate market and acquire valuable insights into building and maintaining client relationships. The training emphasizes practical applications and real-world scenarios to help participants apply their learning to their specific real estate sales roles.

Corporate Sales

Corporate or B2B sales is a big part of business development and organizational advancement rather it be a product or service. Corporate sales training programs are fundamental to crack the barrier for sales people looking to advance their career and professional growth. Throughout our customized sales training participants learn effective sales methodologies, develop a deep understanding of corporate buying behavior, and acquire valuable insights into building long-term relationships with corporate clients.

Negotiation for Sales People

Sales negotiation training is a fundamental skill development training for sales professionals. The negotiation for sales people training is specifically designed to equip sales professionals with the essential negotiation skills and strategies needed to succeed in their sales efforts. This comprehensive corporate sales training program covers key aspects of negotiation, including preparation, communication techniques, persuasive tactics, and reaching mutually beneficial agreements.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a crucial part of a 360° marketing training program. For sales professional to excel in their its important to understand the key metrics of digital as well as traditional now a days. Under the training of social media marketing we cover topics such as strategy development for social media, content creation & management, community management, advertising, analytics and many more.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    How Can I Learn Sales and Marketing Online for Free?

    As a learner your pathway to learn new & exciting marketing & sales topics are wide open. You can avail online marketing education through a range of different platform. Some of them are Alison, Udemy, Coursera, Sudoksho etc.

    How do I know if learning sales is right for me?

    If you enjoy building relationships, connecting with people & passionate about growth, sales may be right for you. Sales requires a goal-oriented mindset and the drive to achieve targets. Resilience and the ability to handle rejection are crucial traits for success in sales. Problem-solving skills are essential in sales to address customer needs and objections. Sales demands continuous learning and adaptability due to the evolving nature of the field.

    What are the best advanced sales courses?

    There is not such term as the best sales course as the course’s effectiveness varies from people to people. But there are some excellent advanced sales courses available globally that can help you enhance your sales skills and knowledge. Here are five highly regarded options:

    1. Strategic Sales Management by Harvard Business School (HBS): This course focuses on strategic planning, sales leadership, and managing customer relationships effectively.
    2. Advanced Sales Techniques by Dale Carnegie Training: Dale Carnegie offers a comprehensive program that covers advanced sales techniques, relationship building, and effective communication strategies.
    3. The Challenger Sale by CEB (now Gartner): This course is based on the bestselling book “The Challenger Sale” and teaches a unique approach to sales that challenges customers’ thinking and leads to better results.
    4. The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process by Northwestern University: This course covers key sales concepts, including prospecting, presenting, negotiating, and closing, while emphasizing ethical selling practices.
    5. Fundamentals of sales by Sudoksho: This course is designed for sales professionals who focus on managing strategic accounts and building long-term customer relationships in a context of Bangladesh.

    N.B. The availability & specific details of these courses may change over time. So we recommend researching and verify the latest information directly from the course providers.

    What are the best sales courses for beginners?

    If you are starting your career in sales or just graduated out of business school you can get some of the best platforms for your personal development sales courses are Udemy, Coursera, Sudoksho, Alison etc.

    What courses are best for marketing?

    Globally there are various marketing courses that satisfies different learning needs. Some of the best courses for marketing among them are,

    • Google Digital Garage: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
    • HubSpot Academy: Digital Marketing Certification  
    • Coursera: Digital Marketing Specialization
    • Udemy: Digital Marketing Course
    • LinkedIn Learning: Digital Marketing Fundamentals 

    What is Marketing Training?

    Marketing training is the process of learning and developing skills and knowledge required to be successful in marketing. Some of the topics marketing training can cover are,

    • Marketing Principles
    • Marketing Research
    • Marketing Analytics
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Marketing Tactics
    • Digital Marketing

    What is a career in sales?

    Career in sales involves selling products or services, building relationships with customers, understanding their needs, and closing deals to drive business revenue & growth. Sales professionals use communication and interpersonal skills to achieve sales targets and provide exceptional customer experiences, often collaborating with marketing and customer service teams. Successful salespeople adapt to changing customer needs, seek opportunities, and enjoy potential financial rewards and advancement opportunities.

    What is training in sales and marketing?

    Training in sales & marketing implies for the necessary skills required to be successful in the relevant field. From a fresh graduate to a pro in the field everyone requires sales & marketing training from time to time stay updated with the latest industry trends.

    What are the 4 types of sales training?

    The four types of sales training include:

    • Product Knowledge Training
    • Sales Process Training
    • Communication Skills Training
    • Mindset Training

    How can I improve my marketing skills?

    There is no best way to improve one’s marketing skills rather it is a consistent practice of finding innovative ideas to solve complex problems through a product and service. As long as you can identify the pain point and place your product/service creatively you will get better in marketing while sharpening your skills at the same time.